13th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine

 Rio de Janeiro  08/11/2017 - 11/11/2017                 

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The WFSICCM exists since 1977, developed as an organization of National Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine with the alm of promoting the best possible standards of intensive and critical care medicine around the globe. In those early days, although a great concept, the World Federation was relatively limited in terms of achieving its objectives, and consisted largely of a group of individuals who liked to travel from one meeting to another!

Progressively, the WFSICCM has become more and more active and effective – today the world is flat and it is easy to communicate with almost anyone, almost anywhere around the globe, at almost any time. Travel is also easier and more accessible, such that WF meetings are now held every other year instead of every four years. Two years after our Seoul Congress, we will meet in Rio.

The Rio Congress will highlight the importance of small steps in the development and progress of intensive care, as in many other aspects of life. But taking a step is always easier with support, so let’s help each other – we all have so many things to share and so much to learn from one another.

We really hope you will join with us in Rio to hear about new developments, learn new skills, share experiences, and meet colleagues from around the world. Let’s step forward together into a better “intensive care” world.

The World Intensive Care Medicine has an important meeting in November 2017, between the 8th and 11th of November in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the thirteenth edition of the Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine. The Marvelous City was chosen in 2010 in Cartagena, Colombia, and competed with Hawaii (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Prague (Czech Republic), Sydney (Australia) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). From there, we are working to put the Brazilian edition of the best of recent years.

During this period, professionals from Brazil and the most renowned international researchers will gather for the meeting, which will take place simultaneously to the XXII Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine. Some names are already confirmed and, among them, Professor Jean-Louis Vincent, as the president of WFSICCM. Dr. Vincent said during our last meeting held in Brazil, the intensive medicine practiced in Brazil follows the world trends of specialty and therefore our scientific conferences, especially CBMI, are so rich.

The World 2017 will be a great event not only because of the quality of the scientific program, an ongoing concern of the Brazilian Intnsive Care Medicine Association (AMIB) in our meetings, but by the number of expected participants – at around 6,000 – of national speakers and International and the amount of classes.

It will be a great challenge for the new management of the entity, which will take over in early 2016, but, due to the shared model, already participats effectively the work of the event. Thus, the decisions taken for the World Cup in Brazil is really a milestone in the history of this meeting will be continued. The goal is always to bring intensive community what is most innovative in the world and can thus be applied in intensive care units. It will also be a great time for us to share the knowledge of the Brazilian participants with experts drawn from the five continents.

This experience magnify our already established national event, the CBMI. Join the biggest event in Latin America in intensive care with the biggest event of the world’s speacialty, of course, will be an important time for all speakers and Congress, regardless of nationality. The themes are being designed in conjunction with the representatives of the World and CBMI event for contemplating the pursuit of knowledge for all participants.

Book your agenda. In 2017 we met in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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